A STUSH LIFESTYLE is a life of passion emphasized by/expressed though personal style, home style and lifestyle - a life of leisurely pastimes, charm, and cultivation of life's pleasures.

The life of a Quaintrelle aka A Stush Lady. She is a woman who emphasizes a life of passion expressed through personal style, leisurely pastimes, charm, and cultivation of life's pleasures.

She's in love with life  and people see, feel it and are drawn to her

She leisurely and elegantly saunters through life soaking in all of life's pleasures. Her sexy playfulness, energetic personality, vibrancy, presence and awareness attracts people to her. She is charming and illecebrous: alluring, attractive and enticing. She vibrates magnetic energy and this attracts only goodness to her life.

Look good = Feel good

Looking her best is a priority because, this is the foundation for feeling amazing and living a life of passion. She is well put together, groomed and polished. Her look is timeless. She expresses her own sense of style with no care for what is current and chooses instead what flatters her  gorgeous assets and makes her look and feel her personal best. She cares for herself beautifully and since she knows she looks amazing and carries herself with chic confidence.

Life is meant to be lived

She loves an adventure, trying new things and going to new places - Her motto is life is meant to be lived. She believes in living fully and living experientially. So while she loves shopping and buying new things, she also places a very high value on purchasing experiences. Travel, going out for dinner or dancing, road trips, local activities, taking on new hobbies. Her life is a romantic adventure! She romances her life and herself and she know that I deserve the best, and expects this everyday.

She is

She is a woman who has an epic love affair with life. A life filled with romance, adventure, play, vibrancy, glamour, allure and a little bit of magic.  She expresses this through her personal style charm and the way she lives each day.

  • Her style is timeless and personal
  • Her personality is charming and alluring
  • Her life is adventurous and romantic with A Touch of Magic (passion)
  • She sparkles!
  • She is vibrant and effervescent (vivacious Lively sparkling)
  • She loves and romances herself and her life
  • She is attention-grabbing but not attention-seeking
  • She lights up a room
  • She is light-hearted and carefree, personable and present

The Boutique

So how exactly does shopping help you cultivate that life? Stush Lifestele.com is about the uplevelling to this lifestyle, then consistently living and existing at this level. We do this through thoughtfully curated products and actionable articles we connect because uplevelling your life involves more than personal development.  There are also things that support that process. Stush offers these things - the products that compliment your upleveled life, look and home.

  • Take some standard lifestyle personal development advise or example…
  • Yes you should have a morning routine and journal ... Stush offers journal, pens and other gorgeous stationary (Coming soon!)
  • Make yourself a cozy cup of tea or coffee ... Stush offers beautiful mugs and tea cups to level up that experience
  • Fill your home with beautiful flowers to raise your vibration.... Real ones are great for their beautiful fragrance but quality faux ones offer the same visual appeal ... Stush offers beautiful real touch faux blooms
  • Light some candles to add a cozy, elegant appeal ... Stush offers chic, glam candle holders
  • Tap into the woman you want to be. How does she think, act, dress ... Stush offers super stylish clothing to uplevel your style game
You see it takes more than just the content, the "how to" and "what to" and  STUSHLIFESTYLE.COM  fils that gap by helping you  cultivate of a Stush Life life through carefully curated products and  actionable content and articles, we connect with the woman who is living or desires to live this lifestyle. We aim help you:
  •  Surround yourself with beautiful things so you can raise your glam vibration
  •  Dress yourself exquisitely so you look good and feel good
  •  Learn new tips, trick and access amazing products so you can live the life you’re meant to live

I hope this helps in your journey. Post below with ay questions or comments you have and don’t forget to tag #stushlifestyle on Instagram with your #stushlook to be featured on our page.   


xOlivia 💋




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